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Check out our Youtube link for visuals on establishing a Lawn by seed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2LZmqCLOIU

It's easy to seed a new lawn,
just follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Measuring:

Measure the area that you intend to cover using a tape measure. Please do not pace it out. Exact measurements will give you the correct amount of seed and starter fertilizer needed to cover the area that you have indicated.

2. Soil Preparation:

For optimal results, cover the area 4-6 inches deep with tufturf sandy lawn blend. Level area with a rake and roll the area with a lawn roller 1/3 full of water. Smooth over area  to provide a solid base for seed establishment.  

3. Fertilization:

Apply the correct amount of turf starter fertilizer to the area using a hand spreader. Ensure the fertilizer is spread evenly.

tufturf tip: Starter fertilizer should be applied when seeding or sodding your lawn. Starter fertilizer is high in phosphorus which promotes deep root growth and establishment of your new lawn.

4. Seed Application:

Apply the correct amount of tufturf seed to the area using a hand spreader. Ensure the seed is spread evenly.

After installation, roll the entire surface. The seed must be in tight contact with the soil in order to draw moisture from the soil to germinate.

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tufturf tip: ALL grass seed is not created equal. Grass seed that is sold in stores is formulated for Canada. That is puzzling to us because our climate is not the same as Ontario. We at team tufturf are proud to offer you the same seed blend that we use on our farms that is Specially formulated for Optimal Results on Vancouver Island.

5. Watering:

Thoroughly water the seeded area immediately after application. Continue to water several times daily to keep the seeded area moist until it is germinated (about 4-6 weeks).
After this time, begin less frequent and deeper waterings.

Once the seed has grown into grass and you are ready to give it the first mowing, then cut your watering to ONE inch, ONE day a week. Measure it and time it,  as that will train the roots to look for water deep in the ground.

Maintaining your tufturf lawn:

Your new lawn significantly increases your property value. To protect this valuable asset, proper lawn maintenance is a must.


Mow often, but remove no more than 1/3 of the
grass height at a time.Always keep mower blades sharp and mower engine tuned.
This will provide a cleaner cut and a well-tuned engine produces fewer emissions.Mow more frequently during peak growing seasons.To keep lawn healthy remove clippings to a compost pile.Avoid using mulching mowers or rake clippings after mowing.


Infrequent deep watering trains the roots to look for water deep in the ground which results in a drought tolerant lawn. One inch, one day week. Measure it and time it.


An annual fertilizing program is important in the development of a lush, thick, green and healthy lawn. Begin feeding lawn with first mowing of year. Follow-up every 6-8 weeks as needed (approximately 4 times a year). Feed your lawn in late spring, early summer, and at the beginning and end of the fall season. Fertilizer may be applied using a rotary or drop spreader

*Fertilizer Spreaders are available to rent through our store, see our equipment rentals section for details.Equipment Rentals