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What you need to grow or feed your lawn & garden

tuf-turf is your local supplier for several types of soil and mulch.

Whether you are growing your lawn, need to top-dress or lay down the base for new turf, we have the blend for you.

Need to create a beautiful garden bed for your flowers or vegetables, we have what you need.

* Pricing listed is per yard but we also offer half yard and you-fill bin pricing for smaller amounts. 



Sandy Lawn Soil from tuf-turf in Saanich BCSandy Lawn Blend 

Great for establishing sod or seed, top dressing your lawn, or for overseeding. It consists of approx 50% sand and 40% enriched loam (nutritious soil). There’s also a small percentage of forest fines (not bark) and small pebbles under 1/2 inch to help reduce soil compaction.

$63 Per Yard



Deluxe Garden Mix Soil from tuf-turf in Saanich BCDeluxe Garden Mix 

This is a “plant ready” blend that’s good for planting seeds. Great for new garden beds, adding to existing garden beds, potted plants, and hanging baskets. It contains approx 30% pure compost, 50% topsoil, and small pebbles under 3/8 inch to aid in drainage and reduce soil compaction. This blend offers a completely loamy soil for both garden beds and vegetable gardens.

$63 Per Yard


Compost & Mulch

Garden Ready Com[post from tuf-turf in Saanich BCGarden Ready Compost

This is a great nutrient additive for soils and will help in moisture retention. Garden Compost is higher in organics and when combined with topsoil makes a complete product for planting.   It contains a blend of tree prunings and wood grinds screened and composted for 1 – 2 years.   *Use the Deluxe Garden Soil for planting new seeds.

$72 Per Yard



Marine Mulch from tuf-turf in Saanich BCMarine Mulch

Great as a soil amender for added nutrition or as a weed suppressor when applied as a top dressing. Use 1 part marine mulch to 3 parts soils for the nutrition boost or 3 to 4  inches deep as a top dressing. Contains fir trimmings and fine grinds (not bark) composted for 1 to 3 years and fine screened, mixed with composted fish from wild sources.

$105 Per Yard


Wood Chips & Mulch

Red Fine Screened Bark Mulch from tuf-turf in Saanich BCRed Fine Screened Bark Mulch

A popular decorative option. Great for use as a weed suppressor and moisture retention on garden beds. Apply 3 to 4 inches as a top dressing on your garden. Contains fine-screened bark mulch from red fir.

$70 Per Yard




Cedar Wood Chips from tuf-turf in Saanich BCCedar Wood Chips (Playground Chips)

Cedar wood chips serve a variety of functions in gardens and yards. They can be used for rustic pathways and for play areas providing a softer surface for landing under playground equipment. They are often used as a form of background mulch, helping to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and slowly enrich soil as they decompose. Due to their aromatic nature, cedar chips can also act as a natural insect repellent, deterring certain pests from inhabiting garden areas. The chips can aesthetically enhance the appearance of background and woodland beds, providing a neat and tidy appearance.

$67 Per Yard


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Sandy Lawn Blend – perfect for growing or topdressing your lawn

Deluxe Garden Soil- what you need to build or grow your gardens

Compost / Mulch

Compost – made locally

Marine Mulch – higher performance

Red Fine – fine cedar mulch, perfect for coverage


Why mess up your car/truck? Large load?

We have several “dump” vehicles ready to deliver to your site. Pre-booking required, fees vary depending on load size and distance. 


Have a smaller order? We have all of our soil and mulch products ready in “U-Fill” bins. Pricing varies on the size of your load and great options are garbage pails, recycling bins, 5-gallon pails or whatever else you want to fill. 

Loading yourself or getting loaded with soil at tuf-turf in Saanich BC

Here’s a Soil Calculator to help you manage your order.

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