Calculator for Soil / Aggregate

At tuf-turf we sell our soils, aggregates, composts and mulches by the yard. We also load trucks and trailers by the 1/2 yard or yard. This calculator will help you come up with the right number of yards you need for your project.


By the Yard

0.00 yd3

The Calculator on the left will help you come up with how many yards of soil, mulch, compost, or aggregates you need for your project or yard.

To come up with the square footage number needed by the first line in the calculation (the area), follow these steps.

Square footage:

  • Multiply the length by the width of the area
  • (how long x how wide =  sq feet)
  • Example: 5 feet wide by 10 feet long equals 50 sq feet.

The depth number is based on the product and project you are doing. Many of our pages (knowledge) will help you with suggested depth of product and you are always welcome to consult with the tuf-turf team.

 Soils & More

  • Sandy Lawn
  • Garden Deluxe
  • Compost
  • Marine Mulch
  • Fine Bark Mulch


We have aggregates /rocks/stones to fill a multitude of uses in your yard. Whether it’s for looks, creating driveways, paths or just for the “look.”


Why mess up your car/truck? Large load?

We have several “dump” vehicles ready to deliver to your site. Pre-booking required, fees vary depending on load size and distance.


Have a smaller order? Pick-up is available at our location. You are welcome to have us help you load your truck or trailer. 

Electric car having trailer loaded with soil in Saanich at tuf-turf
crushed screenings at tufturf Victoria BC