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At tuf-turf we take grass seed seriously. We work with our suppliers to have seeds designed to grow in our region, our climate. This is  different than you’ll find in the generic “off-the-shelf” brands you’re used to. We stock the seed to fit your needs: shade or sun, overseed, and more.  We sell fertilizer blends designer to either help you start your lawn growing or keep it looking great each and every year.




  • Premium Lawn Seed
  • Overseed for your lawn
  • Shady Lawn Seed


  • Starter Lawn Fertilizer
  • Ongoing support Fertilizer



When your purchase sod from tuf-turf we’ll recommend including some starter fertilizer that we will deliver with your sod order.  If you’re starting a new lawn we can deliver the Sandy Lawn Blend soil, seed and fertilizer you’ll need to start things off right. 




We keep a large selection of lawn seed and fertilizer in stock and have sizes that you can manage.

Starting at 1/2 to 5 Kilogram and larger.

Shady Lawn Seed from tufturf Victoria BC

Seed and Fertilizer ready for you with the knowledge to help you need.

Our great selection of lawn seed and fertilizer is in stock at our Blenkinsop location.

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