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At tuf-turf we take grass seed seriously. We work with our suppliers to have seeds that are designed to grow in our region, and our climate. This is different than you’ll find in the generic “off-the-shelf” brands you’re used to. We stock the seeds to fit your needs, whether you need seed to get your lawn started, or overseed to help you thicken your existing lawn.  Our focus on fertilizer is the same as our seeds. We provide fertilizer blends that are made to help give your lawn seed its best start or that will keep your lawn looking great each and every year.



Grass - Lawn seed available from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

Grass Seed Blends

Overseed Blend:  a combination of perennial rye grass perfect for helping to enhance and thicken your lawn

Supreme Seed Blend: The perfect general-purpose blend for most yards. Our supreme seed blend offers both perennial rye grass for the sun and fescue grasses for the shade.

Tall Fescue:  Drought tolerant and suitable for low nutrient areas. This is a low-maintenance grass that is suited for fields. Note: this seed is not good for lawns.

 Lawn Fertilizer available at tuf-turf in Saanich BC


Fertilizing Schedule: Four Times a Year

First things first, let’s talk about how often you should be fertilizing your lawn. The sweet spot is four times a year. Yep, you read that right—just four times can make all the difference. Here’s a handy breakdown:

  • Early Spring (March-April): As soon as the snow melts and the grass starts growing, it’s time for the first feeding. This helps your lawn wake up with a strong start.
  • Late Spring (May-June): This feeding ensures your grass has the nutrients it needs to withstand the coming summer heat and showcase the colour and vigor of your healthy lawn
  • Late Summer (August-September): After a summer of wear and tear, your lawn will benefit from a nutrient boost to help it recover and start to set roots for the upcoming cold (vacation) seasons.
  • Fall (October-November): The final feeding preps your lawn for winter, strengthening roots and increasing disease resistance preparing it for the warmer weather that comes in March.

Read our “Guide to Lawn Fertilizer” Blog for more in-depth information on when, how, and what. 




  • Supreme Lawn Seed
  • Overseed for your lawn
  • Dominator
  • Tall Fescue


  • Starter Lawn Fertilizer
  • Ongoing support Fertilizer



When your purchase sod from tuf-turf we’ll recommend including some starter fertilizer that we will deliver with your sod order.  If you’re starting a new lawn we can deliver the Sandy Lawn Blend soil, seed and fertilizer you’ll need to start things off right. 




We keep a large selection of lawn seed and fertilizer in stock and have sizes that you can manage.

Starting at 1/2 to 5 Kilogram and larger.

Grass Seed and Fertilizer from tuf-turf Victoria BC

Seed and Fertilizer ready for you with the knowledge to help you need.

Our great selection of lawn seed and fertilizer is in stock at our Blenkinsop location.

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