Turf Grass / Sod

At tuf-turf we supply #1 Premium Grade turf.

It provides the highest quality universal use lawn designed to give you a great looking yard that will provide superior appearance with reasonable maintenance.
A Supreme lawn has a rich dark green color and a medium to fine blade texture. Supreme is weed and wildgrass free.

Our turf is a blend of rye grass, fine fescues and kentucky bluegrass.



Our team will be there to answers your questions and help you plan your turf order. Helpful links available.


We’ve put together a great list of instructions and tips to help you install and maintain your tuf-turf lawn


Our combination flat deck and forklift truck will deliver your turf order right to your home or jobsite. 


Have a smaller order? Pick-up is available at our location. You are welcome to have us help you load your truck or trailer. 

turf rolls at tufturf Victoria BC

Turf Orders

All orders are pre-ordered and prepaid. We accept E-Transfer or Debit , Visa , Master Card. 72 Hours minimum cancellation notice or order revisions are strictly enforced. Turf must be installed immediately after you receive it as it is a perishable product undergoing a transplantation.