Bulk Product & Delivery Policies

Get it Delivered , Get us to load your truck or trailer (We-Fill)

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Below you will find information on our bulk products and delivery policies.



Bulk Product Policy All purchases of bulk items, whether picked up in person or delivered, are considered final sales. This policy applies to all bulk materials including soils, compost, aggregates, and mulches, and no returns or exchanges will be accepted. The same policy applies to live turf and cut artificial turf sales.

Dumping Guidelines Our delivery drivers are not permitted to drive off paved roads or suitable hard surfaces. Acceptable dumping locations should be clear of overhead barriers (electrical lines, tree branches, eaves, etc..) and not excessively sloped. If a mutually agreeable location for dumping cannot be found, the customer will still be responsible for the delivery fees. However, a refund for the materials may be provided if requested.

Delivery Policy & Timing Our staff will arrange delivery dates and times usually with a one-hour estimated window. Should there be any delays beyond this window, Tuf-Turf will contact the customer directly to provide updates. Tuf-turf will not be responsible for unknown traffic or other unforeseen circumstances which may affect the time of delivery.

Delivery Charges Delivery fees are calculated based on the delivery location, with specific rates for zones or hourly rates for long-distance deliveries. Our staff will inform you of the delivery rate for your location at the time the order is taken. For hourly rates -charges commence when the truck is loaded and ends when it returns to our facility, inclusive of any delays from yard loading, traffic, or detours.

Material and Quantity Verification It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the type and quantity of materials ordered and delivered are correct.

Pallet Deposit For live turf products where a pallet is used in delivery or requested by the customer picking up, customers are required to pay a pallet deposit. The deposit will be fully refunded to the customer on the same credit card as used in the original purchase. Pallets must be returned within 30 days of the original delivery of the live turf. Returned pallets must be in the same condition as when delivered. Substitute pallets will not be accepted.

1 ton Dump Truck

Will hold:

  • 1 – 2 yards depending on the product

5 ton Dump Truck

Will hold:

  • 2 – 10 yards of soil, compost, mulch
  • 2 – 7 yards of aggregate (rock,screenings,sand, etc)

Tandem Gravel Truck

Will hold:

  • 15 – 18 yards of soil, compost, mulch
  • up to 11 yards of aggregate (rock, screenings, sand, etc)

Flatbed with forklift

The perfect delivery truck for live turf orders and synthetic turf orders. The forklift allows for easier offloading at your location

Pick-up – We Fill

 Our friendly staff will be happy to use one of our loaders to load you up, ready for the road.

Pick-up – U Fill

Have a smaller order? We have all of our products including soil, compost, mulch, and aggregate products ready for you to load. We’ll even loan you a shovel to use to help fill your bins.