Aggregates or Gravel / Rock /Sand

At tuf-turf we stock several different types of aggregate (rock /sand )

Sand from tuf-turf in Saanich BCSand

Our high-grade sand is clean, consistent and exceeds recommendations for a top dressing sand. Used for golf course greens and fairway construction as well as lawn maintenance programs. Our sand is of a particular shape and size that will allow for proper drainage while minimizing compaction.

$70 Per Yard



Half Inch Clear Crush from tuf-turf in Saanich BC1/2″ inch Clear Crush

Excellent for pathways, driveway toppings, drainage, and decorative purposes

$76 Per Yard


One Inch Clear Crush Drain Rock from tuf-turf in Saanich BC3/4″ to 1″ inch Clear Crush

 Excellent for pathways, driveway toppings, drainage and decorative purposes

$70 Per Yard

Three Quarter Road Base from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

3/4 inch Road Base

Excellent for driveway base, a base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling potholes, and shed bases. Also popular for pipe bedding or assisting in projects where drainage is needed.


$52 Per Yard

Crushed screenings from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

Crushed or Pathway Screenings

Excellent for driveway base, base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling pot holes and shed bases. This is also a good product for building a base for synthetic turf.


$72 Per Yard

One plus one half Drain Rock from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

1 1/2″ Drain Rock

Commonly used for drainage purposes. It can also be used for landscaping purposes. It is a type of rock that provides excellent drainage for planters and works well great for adding a decorative accent to gardens and  outdoor features.


$76 Per Yard

Landscape Rock Boulders from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

Landscape Rock

At tuf-turf we stock a selection of larger landscape rock/stones. They vary in size from some that would fit into your pocket to others weighing hundreds of pounds. Come on in for a visit to choose the ones that will fit your landscape and yard design.


Priced on site depending on size 

Pea Gravel (salt n pepper) from tuf-turf in Saanich BC

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a small, smooth, and naturally colored rock, commonly used in landscaping for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Measuring anywhere up to 3/8 inch in diameter, it’s ideal for garden paths, walkways, driveways, and drainage solutions. Its ease of maintenance and durability also make it a popular choice for patios, and playgrounds It will enhance the visual appeal of both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.


$78 Per Yard


Great for aiding in drainage

Adding to soil

Yard construction projects


We have aggregates /rocks/stones to fill a multitude of uses in your yard. Whether it’s for looks, creating driveways, paths or just for the “look.”


Why mess up your car/truck? Large load?

We have several “dump” vehicles ready to deliver to your site. Pre-booking required, fees vary depending on load size and distance.


Have a smaller order? Pick-up is available at our location. You are welcome to have us help you load your truck or trailer. 

Landscape Rock available at tuf-turf Victoria BC
crushed screenings at tufturf Victoria BC