Aggregates or Gravel / Rock /Sand

At tuf-turf we stock several different types of aggregate (rock /sand )


Our high grade sand is clean, consistent and exceeds recommendations for a top dressing sand. Used for golf course greens and fairway construction as well as lawn maintenance programs. Our sand is of a particular shape and size that will allow for proper drainage while minimizing compaction.


1/2″ inch Clear Crush

Excellent for pathways, driveway toppings, drainage, and decorative purposes


3/4″ to 1″ inch Clear Crush

 Excellent for pathways, driveway toppings, drainage and decorative purposes

3/4 inch Road Base

Excellent for driveway base, a base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling potholes, and shed bases. Also popular for pipe bedding or assisting in projects where drainage is needed.

Crushed or Pathway Screenings

Excellent for driveway base, base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling pot holes and shed bases. This is also a good product for building a base for synthetic turf

1 1/2″ Drain Rock

Commonly used for drainage purposes. It can also be used for landscaping purposes. It is a type of rock that provides excellent drainage for planters and works well great for adding a decorative accent to gardens and  outdoor features.

Landscape Rock

At tuf-turf we stock a selection of larger landscape rock/stones. They vary in size from some that would fit into your pocket to others weighing hundreds of pounds. Come on in for a visit to choose the ones that will fit your landscape and yard design.


Great for aiding in drainage

Adding to soil

Yard construction projects


We have aggregates /rocks/stones to fill a multitude of uses in your yard. Whether it’s for looks, creating driveways, paths or just for the “look.”


Why mess up your car/truck? Large load?

We have several “dump” vehicles ready to deliver to your site. Pre-booking required, fees vary depending on load size and distance.


Have a smaller order? Pick-up is available at our location. You are welcome to have us help you load your truck or trailer. 

Landscape Rock available at tuf-turf Victoria BC
crushed screenings at tufturf Victoria BC