Why not change up your Christmas next year by growing your own tree! In the picturesque region of Greater Victoria, BC, the spirit of Christmas can be brought to life right in your yard or inside your home with the tradition of growing your own Christmas tree. Tuf-Turf may be known for helping gardeners and landscapers maintain gardens that look lush and green in the summer but did you know we also welcome many customers in the fall and winter buying products that help make those same gardens and landscapes look clean, healthy, and festive in colder months? On that note, we thought we could offer an interesting idea or Christmas hack to your potential search for a Christmas tree next year. This idea will apply whether you have a spacious garden or prefer a container-grown tree that moves indoors for the season.

Choosing the Right Tree

The first step in growing a Christmas tree is selecting the right type for looks, scent and space. For our Victoria BC climate, Douglas Firs, Grand Fir (Balsman Fir) and Blue Spruces are excellent choices. These trees not only adapt well to our Greater Victoria BC conditions but also bring that classic Christmas tree look to your home. Many of our great local gardening centers can sell you a sapling and tuf-turf will be there with the soils and mulches as needed during their growth.

Planting in Your Yard

If you have space in your garden, planting your tree in the ground allows it to grow to its full potential. Prepare the ground using tuf-turf’s deluxe garden mix soil. This soil will give your sapling a strong start. Plant in a sunny spot and water regularly. As your tree grows, shape it with pruning tools to achieve that perfect Christmas tree silhouette.

Container Growing for Seasonal Indoor Use

For those who prefer a mobile option, growing your Christmas tree in a container is ideal. A tree in a container can be a wonderful addition to your festive home decor. Local nurseries and craft markets offer up a wonderful display of containers with various sizes and looks, some very unique. If you find one created by a local artist that fits your home and design, you’ll get the added benefit of all the wonderful comments and questions like “where did you get that?” “that’s a wonderful look” from your friends and neighbours. We can help you fill the container with a great mix of deluxe garden soil, compost, and a little rock for drainage.

Caring for Your Tree

Caring for your Christmas tree is a year-round task. Make sure to water appropriately following the local CRD regulations. Remember, container-grown trees need more frequent watering as a container transfers additional heat into your soil. Prune as per the directions for the type of tree you have. Use soil and mulch from tuf-turf to help protect and nourish your tree whether it’s in your garden or landscape. After the season, when moving your tree back outside, make sure to not shock it (temperature). You could potentially move it in stages such as to a garage or wind-protected space outside your home. Do this before transitioning it into the elements.

Decorating Your Home-Grown Tree

The joy of decorating a tree you’ve grown yourself is unmatched. Make sure you buy the right lights depending on whether your tree will remain in your garden or landscape (outdoor approved) or indoor approved lights for the container tree that remains indoors through the holiday season. When you look at decorations, make sure they won’t harm the branches and if outdoors, will stand up to any rain or wind. Decorating a Christmas tree or adding decorations to your landscape can be a wonderfully fun event for yourself and family. Make a day or evening of it with some treats, holiday music and more.


Growing your own Christmas tree will be a rewarding experience that brings a personal touch to your holiday celebrations. It’s also great environmentally speaking and can really add to your outdoor display. Inside, a live-growing tree will add that special fragrance and be the talking point for all your guests.

If you have children, you can involve them from the start. They learn from planting and helping take care of a tree. When it comes time to decorate, not only can they enjoy that part, but why not have fun letting them create your own family’s homegrown Christmas tree decorations? What a special touch that can add to go with your homegrown tree!

Looking forward to the next year, perhaps you could offer a sapling to your children or friends so that they can grow their own tree. Get everyone involved and learn more about the environment and agriculture through the process of growing your own tree. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little take on how you can have fun and change up your Christmas with the addition of a live tree. As this is our last blog of the year, we want to wish everyone the very best of the holidays and a Merry Christmas.

Note: we’d love to hear from our customers and readers. If you have ideas relating to other cultures and that have horticultural special connections please share any advice and happy thoughts about those special plants and innovative ways we can incorporate those into the many special celebrations throughout the year.