Parts of Victoria BC are already starting to show the first signs of fall which means it’s time to talk about the 6 tips for fall lawn care.  As the vibrant foliage of autumn graces our neighborhoods, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to tend to our lawns, and following these fall lawn care tips will help prepare them to weather the coming winter and thrive once spring returns. At Tuf-Turf, we are your dedicated partners in achieving a lush, healthy lawn, even after a summer of drought conditions and the challenges of winter weather. Utilizing a range of our specially crafted products, including live turf, sandy lawn soil, and winter fertilizer, we have curated a few essential tips that will help ensure your lawn is more than ready to flourish next spring.

Step 1: Repair the damage

After enduring an arid summer and early fall, your lawn might be showing signs of distress. Begin by assessing areas that require immediate attention. Re-seeding can be a solution in early September. Our live turf is a quick and effective solution for spots that have thinned out or entirely worn away. We can show you how to add live turf or sod to your lawn and blend it into the existing so that the patch or repair slowly fades in the future.

Step 2: Amend your soil

Sandy lawn soil from Tuf-Turf is excellent for drainage and promotes deep root growth, crucial for grass recovery after a drought or winter root dieback. This fall, try top-dressing your lawn with sandy lawn soil, rich in essential nutrients. It creates a conducive environment for your grass to develop strong healthy roots, which is vital in combating the harsh winter elements.

Step 3: Nourish and protect your lawn as the temperatures drop

It’s time to nourish your lawn to protect it from the harsh winter conditions looming ahead. Our specially formulated winter fertilizer is designed for the Greater Victoria region to provide the optimum nutrient balance for root development. Enriched with vital minerals and organic matter, it strengthens grassroots and boosts the lawn’s natural defenses.

Note: over fertilizing with nitrogen-based fertilizers may open up the plant (your lawn) to diseases such as “snow mold” and “red thread.”

Step 4: Water wisely

Given the recent drought conditions, water has become a precious resource. This fall we may be watering longer into the season than in previous years. Before shutting down your irrigation system or putting away the sprinklers for the year, It’s vital to water your lawn intelligently, ensuring the moisture penetrates deeply into the soil to encourage root growth without wastage. Implement a water-wise strategy by watering early in the morning when the temperatures are cooler, minimizing evaporation. Note: early fall showers generally do not add to the moisture levels in soil as they often evaporate long before they penetrate deep into the sod.

Step 5: Prep your tools

Preparing your lawn also involves maintaining the tools that aid in its upkeep. Ensure your lawnmower is in excellent condition with sharp blades to prevent tearing the grass and making it susceptible to diseases. Also, have rakes, aerators, and other tools on hand, ready to assist in giving your lawn the tender loving care it deserves. Referring back to step 4, take a in -depth look at your irrigation system or method. Make notes for any changes you may want to implement in the spring. Planning  for new sprinkler heads or repairs now will save you time and headaches once regular watering in the spring is back.

Step 6: Seek expert advice

At Tuf-Turf, we pride ourselves on being a reservoir of knowledge and expertise for your lawn care. If you find yourself in a predicament, or simply need advice on the best products to use, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

Knowledge piece: As the cooler weather approaches and your lawn goes dormant. It’s important to remember that the root system is still struggling to maintain and develop. The root systems do not like to be soggy so making sure your lawn as appropriate drainage will also help it come back strong and healthy in the spring.

As you embark on your fall lawn care routine, remember that your efforts now will pay dividends in the spring. Utilizing Tuf-Turf’s range of products and following our expert tips will ensure that when the rain and snow disappear, a lush, green carpet of lawn will greet you, ready to flourish in the new growing season. Let’s work together to ensure your lawn remains a beacon of beauty and vitality throughout the year. Feel free add put a visit to our spring lawn care tips blog post in your calendar for the new year.