How to Select aggregates for Home Improvement & Landscaping. If you’re about to embark on a home improvement or landscaping endeavor, choosing the right stone, gravel or rock (or generally called aggregate) is often a misunderstood step. Selecting the perfect material can considerably enhance your project’s functional and aesthetic outcomes. At Tuf-Turf in Saanich, BC, we offer a vast selection of aggregates. Let’s delve into each of these options and discover which might be the best fit for your project.

Understanding Your Project’s Needs

The first step in moving forward with your unique project, whether it’s installing synthetic turf, creating a patio, installing a driveway, building a garden pathway, or creating drainage is understanding the different aggregates. Different aggregates serve different purposes – some are perfect for drainage, some offer aesthetic appeal, and others are ideal for providing a robust foundation.


Sand is a versatile aggregate, with a wide array of uses in home improvement and landscaping. Sand can be an option for creating a base for pavers or pathways although at tuf-turf we recommend using Crushed Screenings. Sand can help you create a level base for a project (just make sure it’s well-packed) or as support for water features such as ponds and rivers. For the more creative, sand is the perfect medium for adding an artificial beach, backyard volleyball court, sandbox, or for those peaceful moments, a Zen Garden. Finally, if required, sand can be added to soil to enhance the drainage level. In fact, we provide a specific soil blend called Sandy Lawn.

Crushed screenings from tuf-turf

Crushed Screenings

Crushed screenings are perfect for projects that require a firm base, such as for pathways, driveways, or under pavers as a stable bedding. Due to their compacting nature and irregular sizes, these screenings interlock to create a stable, durable surface resistant to shifting or erosion. We recommend this product as a great base for synthetic turf. On its own, crushed screenings can create a great-looking pathway or rustic patio. Crushed screenings can be used to fill in gaps in rock gardens, stone walls or water features. Some people like to use the product for tree rings to provide a nice clean look and weed suppression.

Pea Gravel (salt n pepper) from tuf-turf

Pea Gravel

For decorative projects, pea gravel is a popular choice. Its attractive, small rounded stones are ideal for creating visually pleasing patios and walkways and is also great for use between stepping stones. It can be a practical choice for drainage in wet areas or for the bottom of planters due to its non-compacting nature. Pea gravel can be a great addition to water features or rustic patios and in some cases, the product is used for play areas as it provides a level of shock absorption. Looking at your pets, some people love it for dog runs as it won’t hurt your pet’s paws and is easy for them to run and play on.

Clear Crush

Our 1/2-inch and 1-inch clear crush aggregates provide excellent drainage solutions and can also be used for decorative purposes. These aggregates are washed to remove fine particles, resulting in a highly porous substrate. These can be used effectively around home exteriors to redirect surface water run-off. When used for pathways, you’ll find they are not picked up by shoes like smaller aggregates. Clear Crush can be used in many of the same ways as the previously listed aggregates but provides a dramatic look with its larger stones.

3/4 Road Base

A mixture of small rocks and dust, the 3/4 road base aggregate is an ideal solution when creating a solid base. This aggregate is designed on its own as driveways, patios, and walkways. This product is often called upon when homeowners need to add areas such as RV parking or want a “driveway-like or non-growing” area without spending money on asphalt, concrete, or pavers. Makes great bedding underneath sheds, picnic tables, and other structures.

1 1/2 Inch Drain Rock

For more substantial drainage projects, the 1 1/2-inch drain rock is a prime candidate. This larger aggregate helps with water build-up and promotes efficient water flow, making it ideal for use in large gardens or landscapes and around building foundations that require effective water management. Drain rock is also popular and decorative in dry river, creek beds, or as a component of a water feature. This aggregate is often used to provide drainage behind rock or stone retaining walls.

Landscape Rock Boulders from tuf-turf

Large Landscape Rocks or Boulders

For those seeking to create an impactful aesthetic statement, our large landscape rocks or boulders are a fantastic option. They can serve as a central focal point in your garden, adding an element of depth and interest to your landscape design. The rocks are perfect for creating rock gardens or as components in rustic water features. They can often be found as edging for garden beds or as fun seating elements around a campfire ring or outside patio. Flat-topped boulders are perfect for stepping stones and once again add a more natural look or focus over manmade pavers or structures.


In conclusion, choosing the right aggregate for your project requires a little thought and consideration. We hope this blog post provides some valuable research material as you move forward with your landscape and yard design. At Tuf-Turf, we’re not just suppliers; we see ourselves as partners in your home improvement and landscaping projects. If you need assistance in selecting the right aggregate for your project, don’t hesitate to visit us in Saanich, BC, or reach out to our knowledgeable team. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life.