As the season transitions, many homeowners in Greater Victoria BC start pondering the rejuvenation of their lawns. Planting lawn seed is a task that, when done at the right time and with the appropriate type of seed, can transform your outdoor space into a lush, vibrant haven. But when is the optimal time to plant your lawn seed, and which seed should you choose? Let’s dive into the details to ensure your lawn planting endeavor is a success and your lawn becomes the picture frame for your garden and sets the stage for a well-maintained yard and house.

The Best Time to Plant Lawn Seed

Timing is crucial when it comes to planting lawn seed. The goal is to choose a period when the average mean temperature hovers between 10-12 degrees Celsius as a minimum, with daytime highs reaching 14 degrees or more and nighttime lows not dropping below 7-8 degrees. These conditions typically arise in late March in our region. Planting within this window ensures that the seed germinates effectively, avoiding the challenges of early or late planting.

Planting too soon in the season can expose the seeds to excessive rain, frost or snow, which may wash them away or damage your seeds. Birds are also on the lookout for seeds to feast on, and a sudden frost can stunt or even kill freshly germinated seeds. Additionally, weeds are opportunistic, tending to grow earlier in the season and potentially overwhelming the newly planted lawn.

Choosing the Right Seed

Understanding the unique climate and soil conditions of the Pacific Northwest is essential when selecting the right lawn seed. In collaboration with our local supplier BrettYoung, Tuf-Turf offers a range of lawn seeds tailored for our region, contrasting with the generic options available in many stores. As our climate in Victoria BC is different than that of Eastern Canada or the southern United States, planting seeds grown for this region will offer the best results.


Planting lawn seed in Greater Victoria BC  requires careful timing and seed selection. By aiming for the late March window and choosing a seed blend that matches your lawn’s specific needs, you can ensure a lush, healthy lawn that enhances your outdoor living space. Tuf-turf’s specialized offerings, crafted with the Pacific Northwest climate in mind, provide the perfect starting point for your lawn rejuvenation project. Happy planting!

P.S. Remember the right soil matters when seeding a lawn or garden. Check out the Tuf-Turf website for information on soil options we provide.

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Our thanks to the staff at BrettYoung for their help with this blog and to Lee Smith, the owner of Tuf-Turf for sharing his invaluable years of experience.